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The recruitment process can be tricky. We should know as our founders worked as recruiters for over 35 years between them! Amongst all the job descriptions, candidate applications and CVs, it’s not uncommon for an important aspect to be obscured - a sense of the real person behind the CV. Nothing can replace meeting and talking to people in real life, however we believe there’s a better way to get the right people talking to one another in the first place.

That’s where the idea for Introducing was born.

How can we provide a better way to show the person behind the CV -- even if it’s just a glimpse? What if we could produce very short videos that provided a first impression of a candidate. A video that would give some depth and richness to the traditional 2-dimensional CV?

We’ve seen all the ‘disruptive’ solutions that promise to replace the entire recruiting process with video interviews and screening. We believe that approach mostly misses the point, not to mention candidates almost universally dislike doing this and is an arduous exercise for them!

We designed Introducing to make recruiters’ lives easier, to increase candidates’ job prospects, and to give clients a better and earlier glimpse of the person behind the CV.

Our Ambition

We are driven to reshape the recruiting experience for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our ambition is to become a world-leading recruitment tool and help thousands of recruitment agencies around the world provide a better service for their candidates and clients.

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We are headquartered in Sydney, Australia.
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